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About Taste of Ceylon Wallington

Taste of Ceylon is a restaurant that leaves you with nostalgic memories. The perfect atmosphere and the amazing food that we provide are coveted by all our visitors. Our ultimate desire is to satisfy the needs of every customer. We are a restaurant that takes all the necessary measures needed to ensure that the food we provide is of top quality. We monitor the process of food preparation all the way from the market to the kitchen. Everything that we prepare is arranged craftily on our menu. We can guarantee you of an easy food selection process as we have categorized our dishes according to style and variety. Take a trip of flavour and richness with the numerous soup dishes, experience a sophisticated take on rice with the Biryani dishes and wind up your dishes the old fashioned way with a hot cup of latte. Whichever style, variety, taste, aroma or flavour sparks your appetite; you can expect us to give you the exact item that you desire. Taste of Ceylon also offers fantastic customer service. We are confident in our ability to provide you with the kind of service that will leave a great impression. Come and enjoy the unique experience.

Taste of Ceylon Wallington Restaurant

For the best Indian takeaway in the area, visit Taste of Ceylon today. Experience a fantastic take on various exotic dishes in a serene atmosphere. Visit us at 47 Stafford Road, Wallington SM6 9AP. Treat yourself and your friends with dishes that ignite celebratory moods. Our restaurant offers you a chance to explore the dishes remotely via our apps. You can download them from the App Store or Google Play today. We also provide you with a fast food delivery service. More information about the service is available via our digital platforms. Order today, for the best dishes in the city.

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